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Thursday, May 1, 2008



In honor of the Flyers big win last night, we are bringing you what could be the biggest female hockey fan I've ever met. The Flyguyz really braved it out last night. They had their periodic lapse, and were able to fight back to take a 3-1 series lead. So, here's to you Flyers fan...this lass is certainly less rednecky than I thought most hockey fans were, and she certainly doesn't have the trademark mullet, plus that's her and Scotty Upshall....Michelle, go get em!

I'm a 24 year old nursing student, I have my bachelors in liberal arts and psychology, from Neumann College and want to get my second bachelor's to work as a neonatal nurse and work with premmature babies! I work as a nurse assistant in a local hospital,and love what I do. I am a jersey girl through and through, I have grown up every summer down in North Wildwood, and love just sitting on the beach relaxing with my girls drinking a few. For the past few summers, I've been going out in Sea Isle, Avalon and N.Wildwood. I am a huge sports fan, the FLYERS are playing great right now, in the rush for the stanley cup! To every guy, hockey is my football, as much as the average guy is in love with football, i'm that much in love with hockey. The fights, the speed, the skill, ahh its heaven. I love working out at the gym and tanning, snowboarding, surfing, anything with the beach is all me ! I'm a typical jersey blonde beach bum. hanging out in the bars with my girls in the city, our new favorite place is g. lounge, definately not your average place in philly,and going out down the shore during the summer. So if you see us out, were the group of all blondes, come say hey! Were all crazy, fun, outgoing girls.

"the fights, the speed, the skill, ahh its heaven." Rarely have hotter words come out of a woman's mouth. And see, the G. Lounge...hotspot! I've only heard good things about this place, and its only been from the mouths of hot, hot women. Sulligan, make it happen. Book it. Whatever you say. Just get me there. I can't say enough about the lovely Michelle. In fact, I don't even want to cause I think it only ruins what she wrote....check out her tip of the day.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all the single guys in Philly?

A: My best piece of dating advice for those single guys trying to talk to us girls is.....If you see a girl you are interested in, go up and talk to her, or buy her a drink, honestly that is the best way to talk to us girls, it helps get the ball cheesy pick up lines needed please. No games, just be honest, we would respect those guys who are honest rather than one who plays games. Don't be too intimidated by us girls, were just looking for a good guy, with good goals, who is hardworking, who has their self together or on their way. We are not looking for a guy to try and get in our pants on the first date, yet alone the second. Seriously so many guys have tried and its just annoying. Whatever happened to a little respect and class, girls need a lil thrill, chase, romance, and someone to sweep them off their feet. And NO NOT ALL JERSEY GIRLS ARE TRASH.

Ahhhhhhh sorry Michelle.....I can't hold it in! TRASH GETS PICKED UP! shit. I couldn't help it. Saw it on a t shirt once, and it stuck...forever. It's become a reflex. Like when some one says "heads up!", I duck like a pussy. Same situation. But hey..wait...that's DARREN "The world is about to end" DAULTON!

Before this ex-Phillies went batshit crazy, he was a fan favorite. A leader on the field and in the bedroom, Dutch was a true hero to us all. Here's to you Dutch, and your ex-wife floating high above our spring training field on the Hooters Billboard. Wait, let me unlatch that jacket thingy you got on....oh, the latch is on the back? weird.


Anonymous said...

Yes this girl is as beautiful as it gets... Great personality, perfect from head to toe!!

And I would know this I dated her for 5 years! Kudos to you babe! Good luck!