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Friday, May 9, 2008

It The Re-Mix Ba-By!


D-Town, What! Today's lovely, lovely hottie comes to us from beauuuutiful Bucks County, but she'll soon be living in the city if she has her say. I'm diggin all the different looks and style. She likes a bad boy, huh? Well , sweetie, I once borrowed some stamps from a coworker, and when she asked me to give her some back, I totally told her yes, but never did! Take that, coworker! Really, though, this is a top notch hottie, one of the reasons I do this site is to find out what makes girls like this lets find out

I currently am going to school for cosmetology at Pulse Beauty Academy where I soon graduate in August. I finally am doing what I really love and hope to move to California to continue my education and eventually work backstage. In my spare time I love giving make-overs and making people feel better about themselves, and then of course going out with the girls in the city and having a good time.

I am very outgoing love all my friends and were always up for anything. I hate living in the suburbs, can't wait to move to the city. I love summer, vacations, the beach, kissing, playing ball, hanging out with the boys, fast CARS, drivin around aimlessly, lil' wayne <3,>

She likes Lil Weezy and kissing? I've got a lil wayne CD fired up and I'm ready to smear your lip gloss, Manda. I know it won't happen but let me play retardded for a few minutes and think it will. Otherwise I've got nothing to go on. Check out the tatts....Meeee-ouch! I really dig this one for some reason...maybe it the lips, tats, sick body..I don't even know! But this hottie is going top 10. Thanks so much Manda. Sulligan, step up, let her give you a makeover. Really, dude?

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all the single guys out there in Philly land?

A: My best piece of dating advice for the single guys out there is don't be to nice at first if your like me you gotta have a little bit of bad boy in you. ;]