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Friday, May 2, 2008

She's Dangerous, That Girl Is So Dangerous..That Hotties A Baaad Girl

Lyssa Lee

I was tryin' to keep Lyssa Lee all to myself until Monday, but due to her extreme hotness and her "come-hither" smile, I couldn't keep her under wraps. I've never posted too soon before, I'm embarrassed. I mean, sure it probably happens on blogs all the time, but not to me. I just couldn't believe (i before e, except after c) that Lyssa said yes. This is why I do this website. Every once in a while we come across beauty that knows no boundaries. Lyssa is a combination of Lindsay Lohan and ...I don't know...maybe a little Cindy Crawford, back when Cindy Crawford was relevant. It's the beauty mark I think. Whatever it is, it works ... and it works well. Lyssa is a 21 year old model and actress who enjoys spending her free time traveling. Notice the Vegas pics. I searched long and hard for a flaw....and I can't find one. This is pure, unadulterated hotness. Hot may not even be the word to describe Lyssa. I don't think they've invented that word. Or it's under wraps from the Shakespeare era, waiting to be uncovered for just this reason. I shoulda paid attention in English class. When not modeling or traveling, this hottie can be found hangin with her friends...dancin it up at any place she can find. So if you can move it like Jason Taylor, you may have a shot with this hottie. I actually had to google Dancing with the Stars, and now I can't wash the gayness off. Anyway, Lyssa, thanks for helping us out gorgeous!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice for all the single guys out there in Philly?

A: For dating i love the unexpected! I love new experiences as well so if my date can come up with something new thats a huge plus! I love when the doors are held open that shows good manners! A turn off is when a guy just talks about how much money they have on a first date! You should be trying to get to know me on a first date, im already impressed enough that i would go out with you, now you should be asking about my life and let me do the talking! :)


Anonymous said...

Lyssa is a fox. I wonder is her name is really Lyssa or is that just short for Alyssa... Regardless I would let her take me out. But she would have to like flowers, and long walks on the beach under the moonlight. those are my standards.

Anonymous said...

Yes this girl is as beautiful as it gets... Great personality, perfect from head to toe!!

And I would know this I dated her for 5 years! Kudos to you babe! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow this girl is defintetly the HOTTEST of them all!
Awesome pictures!!!

Just stunning!!