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Monday, May 19, 2008

Come On, If You Rollin Wit' Me, Follow Follow...It's Muuurder

A. Murder

Some little girls growing up wanting to play with Barbies and be an actual Barbie doll. This one grew up watching horror movies wanting to be an extra in the movies. A. Murder comes to us from Jersey, where this 24 year old hottie lists one of her fascinations as blood and horror movies. Very different from our normal run of the mill hottie, huh? The entertaining part is...she's really hot. Like I'd do her in a minute. Cause I wouldn't last much longer than that...but that's a whole other blog. It's the subtle smirk she implies she's up to no good, but when you look at that innocent looking face, you think that can't be true. I'll admit, the blood things a little creepy, but it's a welcomed change from our normal write ups. A. Murder...please explain that there's some normalness in you...

i like to go out.. concerts. bars. roadtrips. sporting events. go flyers! go eagles! i love being outside.. going down the shore. fishing. painting (: having people over. horror movies! covering myself in blood ;] anything that's fun and keeps me entertained =]

i don't go to school at the moment. went to Rider for a few years for psychology, but decided not to follow thru. gonna go back in the fall. i plan on majoring in the medical field. my plan is to head out to cali in the next 2 years.

right now i work at an animal hospital as a vet tech. love my job.. so rewarding! some normalness, minus the covering herself in blood part. Is it real blood, corn syrup? Help me out here. I'm really intrigued....I think A. Murder's really hot, but that blood thing is weird. Lets dig deeper and deeper, shall we? Miss Murder, What is it with the blood fascination?

i'm obsessed w/ it. i dunno where it stems from. or how it started. serial killers absolutely fascinate me. i'm always reading up on them. how they view the world so differently than most. i guess blood just kind've excites me. maybe it's the shock value. i dunno. all i know is that i can't get enough of it (:

Okay, I'm sold. The serial killer thing makes me kinda wanna make sure I don't piss her off, but part of me wants to know what happens when she gets pissed off. Does this beauty turn into a beast?

Tip of the Day

Q: A Murder, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those single Philly guys?

A: not to act so damn intimidated! it's such a turn off! and coming on too strong or obsessive too early on is a definite sign of bad things to come. just keep it cool and let things happen naturally (:


Anonymous said...

i love this chic...grrrrrrrrrrr. i wanna bite her. make her bleed a lil.

Anonymous said...

comment above is from the hump

Anonymous said...

ahhh.. thats all i can say to this girl