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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Music And Passion Were Always The Fashion At The Copa


I first e-mailed Jackie about 6 months ago maybe. I have absolutely no idea why, but somehow she got lost in the mix of random porn emails and actual work emails. Well, it's about time we blessed the world with this beauty. She's only gotten HOTTER as time has gone on. Jackie is 23 years old, and is going to Temple to obtain her bachelors in Science. Now if she gets one of those CSI-type jobs, it'll really be a case of life imitating fiction. Calleigh Duquesne and Natalia Boa Vista ain't got shit on Jackie. Ok, maybe Natalia. I looove Natalia. Her first case would probably be the Doylestown Flasher. This girl is a true down to earth, girl neext door hottie. Jackie works as a hostess at a restaurant in the Northeast which I will now be frequenting as I get drunk on my lunch hour. Nothing says long, hard day at work like a noon vodka and sprite. She tries her best to be a sweetheart, and loves spending time with her friends as they go out on the town to bust a move. I need to learn how to dance, cause women love that shit. This is the type of woman you have to "woo". Bring your A game, or don't even come to the party. I'd travel wide and far to impress this hottie. Let's see what we have to do to land a woman like this...

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all those single schleps in Philly?

A: Well, my advice for single guys out there would be.... when you approach a girl, ask her questions about herself, don't really talk about yourself unless she asks you a specific question... I know for me I get happy when a guy is interested in hearing about my life and who I am and what my interests are. Also, I can usually tell if the guy honestly cares and wants to get to know me (my type), or if he is faking it to try and take me home with him that night for one thing and one thing only (not my type).