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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Super Dope Homeboy From The Ill Town, And I'm Known As Such..And This Is A Beat, Uh, You Can't Touch

Megan Colley
The MC Project

Ok Fellas, You wanna know what it takes to date a model? We've got Philly's next Top Model here...( vote here ) Megan Colley. I'm not gonna say too much. We've got enough pictures to occupy your time...and look with the words to picture ratio, you've completed your required reading for the day. Good boy, here's a pringle! *pats and rubs head* Yo, Megan, tell 'em why your the illest MC alive....
I am very into music and I love to sing. To me, music is everything. To quote Empire Records, "Music is the glue of the's what holds it all together. Without music, life would be meaningless". I also really enjoy being around my close friends and having good conversation. I have two dogs that I love to death and I love being outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, etc.
After HS, I enrolled at Allegheny College where I studied Biology with focus in the medical aspect of the field. After attending classes for a year, I moved back home and transferred to Arcadia University. There I studied Psychology. I am currently taking a semester off to pursue my dreams of modeling.
I am a working model in Philadelphia, represented by The Reinhard Agency. I have recently been featured in a 6 page spread in the May issue of Mainline Today Magazine. In addition, I have just finished my third season with the Great Bridal Expo, a national runway tour. I have been modeling for about 3 years now and I love what I do =)
Thanks again, MC! Fellas, BE SURE TO VOTE and listen to Megans advice. we've had models on here before, but this is a real live working model. Classy, sophisticated, and beautiful. Don't screw this up.
REMEMBER TO VOTE HERE!! Let's see more of this beauty!
Tip of the Day
Q: MC, What's your best piece of dating advice for all the single guys out here?
A: Be honest, be open, and be yourself. Oh and don't be too corny or cheesy. I hate when guys put on an act to try to impress a girl. It is always best to act how you feel inside.
Unfortunately, I am corny and cheesy. That's no act, Toots!


Online Dating said...

We guys are honest and romantic...and we are corny and cheesy..please consider an exemption..not all the guy are like that..
Thanks for the advice..(TIP OF THE DAY)

Online Dating said...

I'm sorry typo error...I mean we are not corny and cheesy...