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Friday, December 5, 2008

TGIf, Uncle Joey! Where's Uncle Jessie?

Kori aka Seizure

TGIF, trick. And for me that means my newish girlfriend is meeting my parents. Wow, that's some nervewracking shit. Then I get to party at her parents mansion on Saturday at a fully catered Christmas party (this is one reason why being jewish sucks) with valet her parents house. Envy it...and she's hot. So tomorrow I put her on a two glass of wine limit (classssy) so she doesn't mistakenly tell my parents how we broke her bed today. So in honor of my new blonde lady, we're bringing you a brunette...the loooovely Seizure. She's a goddamn Suicide Girl! We broke our Suicide Girl cherry today, and boy, it hurts so good. So let's hear what this brunette vixen has to bring to the table...

For a living I am a graphic design artist. I work from home for a bunch of websites and companys. My job is amazing and gives me the ability to express my self and my artistic ability as my living. I still attend college full time also. Im not your typical girl. Im such a mixture of so many things. I love culture, art, theatre and music. I am a musician and have been one for many years now. I play the guitar and a few other instruments. Music is a huge part of my life and if you are ever looking for me on a Friday night im probably at a show. I love tattoos and piercings and all forms personal expression. Before moving to philadelphia and graduating college I was a body piercer from the time I was 18. I am really into “extreme sports”. I snowboard, wake board, jet ski. Im up for pretty much anything

She's newish to Philly, eh? I love cultured women like this. she;s into the arts, music, and all other things we'd never be willing to admit that we like. And she can rock out?> Only downside...she;s originally from Cleveland. YUCK! Cleveland is the only place where a gay man can play quarterback outside of the bedroom. Seizure certainly has curves, and she's damn proud of them, bitch. So step!I love the fact that on this website we can celebrate different types of women. Big, tall, Suicide, and short, and see them for the beauty that makes them unique. And busty. Can not forget busty. It's Seizure's eyes, curves, passion and culture that truly make her worthy of being on our site. And yes, her boobs and ass. Let's see how you, too, can get your own Suicide Girl.

Just the Tip of the Day

Q: Kori, top 3 qualities you look for in a guy besides tattoos and piercings?

A: What I look for in a guy?

Intelligence- If I cant hold an intelligent conversation with a guy then he has lost me. It doesn’t matter how good looking or what have you. I want to be able to talk and have a good time with my guy.

Honesty- My biggest turn off is being lied to. Just be upfront right away and ill be much happier. Humor- I need someone who makes me laugh. I want a guy who doesn’t take life too seriously and can just have fun.


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