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Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Rob B. And I Get Respect, Your Hotties And Your Jewelry Is What I Expect


Ok bitches...I'm baaaaaaaaaack. Sorry for the recent delay and lack of hotties. New Job, New bills, and school has taken it's toll on Philly's most inadequate blogger. But there's big things poppin as all you little wiggers would say....we've got the new logo comin soon, we're movin to the new site as soon as we get that logo, and from there....well, The Comcast Building is the limit. And what do we have for you today? Not the same old bullshit...we have the Hot Girl Dream Teams hottest new addition....Kasey. What can I say about Kasey....hmmm KISSY FACES FOR EVERYONE!!!! I love those lips on this hottie. What a package...lets ruin through all of Miss Kasey's finer attributes, shall we?

Looks good as a blonde? Check

Brunette? Check

Redhead? You betcha!

In a Hat? Yeeeeeeeah

With a Cat? You just got Seuss'ed, Bitch

For real, Kasey is slammin...this little hottie works at Shop Rite in the Floral Dept....wait what? You'll notice the "Guy Shopping For Groceries with Wife" ratio is about 65% than in any other shop rite in America, and it's not cause they have good beets. Not only does she hold down that job, but you can see her as a part of the Hot Girl Dream Team, at Benny the Bums in NE on Thursday or sometimes at the Roxxy. This hottie works for Club 27 too. Where's it end? On top of that, one of her hobbies is playing sports. In my vision of heaven, there's Kasey loo-a-like at the pearly gates, waiting to read off all of your sins. Then snicker at you as she tells you all your embarrassing "relaxation" stories. This is why I do this we can find out what girls like Kasey want in guys like us....

Tip o' the Day to ya!

Q: Kasey, what are the three MAIN things you look for in a dude?

A: 3 qualities i look for in a guy are sense of humor, well educated, & romantic because everyone wants someone with a great personality.