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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work + Websites = Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


Lemme explain our little delay here and our lack of posts over the last few weeks. I'm in a new job, new girl, and last week of schoool so my tme has been stretched thin, homey. I apologize, but on a high note, we've been gearing up for our move to the big site so cross your fingers, and not your legs (it looks gay when guys sit like that). Now onto Jules. Oh Jules. Where to begin...Jersey Jules is from...Jersey obviously, you dick. This 18 year old (i think...and I HOPE!) hottie brings the Garden State to life, because honestly, nothing else does. She's also friends 3with another one of Jersey's finest....our very own AllieGirl. Mmmmhmmm. They're making sure you forget about all things Bon Jovi, and start thinking about all the Philly girls who cross the Ben Franklin to party at places like Club 27. Let's hear what JJ has to say about herself...

My names Jules
i work at victorias secret
i love to watch football & baseball
i love to be able to joke around with everyone

Ok so first off, she works at Victoria's effin Secret, and no, none of us care WHAT Victoria's secret is, just as long as it's hidden somewhere in that sweet lingerie, and we're allowed to go on a scavenger hunt for it. Not only that she knows sports...and I'd put up pics to prove it but she's wearing a Shockey jersey, and that's a strict no-no on our site. No Giants gear allowed. "Not Peyton" Manning is the biggest aw-shucks loser I've ever seen, and I hope he breaks his leg. Actually I don't so wecan kick his ass in the playoffs. A hottie with a sense of humor is always a plus, just not when she gets in her Vickies and starts telling jokes. Unless they're erotic jokes, in which case, tell away. I'm diggin the girl next door look on Jules, and can;t wait to see more of her parading around the club, or in the pageants she's entered before. Pageant girls are ALWAYS fun. Hit me with your advice Jersey!

Tip of the Day
Q: What's the perfect Philly spot to take your woman on a date?

A: The perfect place to take someone on a date would have to be somewhere like dave and busters so you could just let loose and have a good time with out feeling like all you need to do is have a serious conversation. Sitting down to a dinner and talking on a first date could be very stressful and intimidating. So, instead go somewhere where you can have fun and let your personality come out.=)


Slim said...

Pretty hot. Where do you find these local girls? Are you planning on branching out to other cities?