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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But Dani, You're Neither A Business Nor A Man.....


So how did she get to go to a Businessman's Special Phils Game this year? Cause she's hot. And hot girls get whatever they want. Or she bought a ticket, but I'm not really a stickler for detail. This former model has the looks and a few good jobs, so you only have to worry about making your ends meet. What goes together better than beauty and brains??? Oh yeah, a great personality. Check out the Let's Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt. Brilliant. And she drinks from the pitcher, so undo your bowtie, Urkel. Let's hear about this hottie ...

I work for a mortgage bank as an Account Manager. To sum it up I'm a consultant to brokers on their borrowers loans. Been doing it for 3 years now and love it. Stinks that the industry is in a hole.

For fun? I love to shop of course, bar hop with friends, coordinate parties and events... I'm a model part time now, although when I was younger had done it FT- TV, movies, events, magazine, etc... had tons of fun, still do :) I bartend PT 2 nights a week in the city and Conshohocken for some play $...

I love to stay busy, I cant sit still :)

You can't stay still cause of the ADHD, but don't worry, that's just a made up disease anyway. What? Oh yeah, Dani. Ohhh Dani. Stunning. The looks are a 10. Great eyes, infectious smile, and killer body. I mean, do I really have to say more? NO? Good. Read her advice and take notes. There will be a quiz next week.

Yip of the Day

Q: What's the best place to take a woman on a date, Classy Dani?

A: I think the best thing a guy can do for a date, is be creative. Pay attention to the things a girl says she likes and mirror that... it proves you actually listen and are interested in learning more and experiencing it with her.

I had told a co-worker once that I loved seafood- blue crabs to be exact... he asked to take me to the coolest little spot in philly where they put newspaper on the tables, crackers in your hand and let you go to town. The fact that he didn't assume a date had to be super upscale or financially impressive was awesome- it just has to be fun for us. I had another guy who knew I loved beer take me to his favorite brewery and we tried all their beers... it was great. Be thoughtful and creative... and just listen.