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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ahhhh... The Hidden Gem, Fellas

Dara Marie

Ohhh goddamn homey! Lemme explain a lil somethin every week we have different models and personalities that you've seen before. Either at a club, or possibly modeling or dancing....even one on Fox for the Eagles games... Kourtney Lee, whaddup! But what truly makes this site work is finding that hidden gem. That beauty that no one knows about. It's like finding a band before anyone else, and then you tell everyone about it...and their amazed. Then next thing you know, everyone loves this band, and all of a sudden your ironic t shirt isn't so hip anymore. It's the same thing your 13 year teeny boppin cousin is wearing. But hey, you've achieved your goal of making them popular, but no one remembers that it was you who put them onto that band....whoa. Rant. Sorry. But we've found that beauty. We are introducing Philadelphia to Dara Marie. She's our new cool band. You may have never seen her before, you may have no idea who she is, but I'll be damned if this isn't one eof the most attractive women we've had on this site. Look at the perfect crest smile....the lips...the eyes. I mean what more could you want? And she's fun! So ladies and yentlemen....let's hear a little bit more about our very own Incubus (the cool band we found first). Take it away DaraMarie!

My name is DaraMarie I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I attend Temple University. My major is Communications/ Public Relations. I love to go shopping and spend time with my family and friends. I love vacations and the beach. I also love to exercise and eat healthy. My family, friends and School are my world. I am a very fun, outgoing and independent person. I love to talk about anything and everything.

Wow, and she's got brains? I'm stunned by DaraMarie. Really I am. I'm going to need the photographers and modeling agencies, and even you Frank from Hot girl Dream team, to write me and tell me how you missed this blonde bombshell. No more than 50 words, cause I've got shit to do. But someone needs to explain this to me. It's a modern day travesty, I tell you! This may be one of the finest girls in Philly and we all just turned a blind eye to her beauty. Well, no more I say! We've just unleashed DaraMarie onto the city, and I hope to shit that this isn;;t the last I've heard of her! She's got some banging ass advice to match that package too!

Tip of the Day!

Q: DM, what's the best plac ein Philly to take a hottie out on a date?

A: The best place to take a women on a date is first, out to dinner, then take them for a walk in the park, or along the river, anything romantic. Always be able to make a person recall the date they went on with you as romantic and fun and worthwhile. Always conduct yourself to be a gentleman or a lady with class. Conduct yourself with confidence and respect for yourself. =]