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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I'm 27 years old. I have had a girlfriend for 3 years. In the beginning, we used to have a lot of sex. She was never really the kinky type it was always the same thing. Now, we hardly ever have sex. When we do there is no real foreplay and it's like she doesn't even want to kiss me. We get along pretty well and the only time we ever really fight is when I bring up sex. If I try and ask her why she goes nuts! This can't be what relationships are like, right? On the other hand, there is this girl at work that I'm friends with. I think she has been kind of flirting with me and I'm not sure what to do. Not to sound like a dog but I'm not having sex at home. I think you know where I'm going with this. I'm confused.


Dear Ruben,

First of all, don't get yourself entangled with the girl from work if you are not sure you are ready to give up your girlfriend. Because you can't take back having sex with another woman. About your relationship, I'm not sure you were really ever satisfied in the sex department to begin with. Sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is IMPORTANT. No, long-term relationships don't end up sex-less. There could be a number of reasons why she is the way she is. You need to be able to at least talk about it. If you can't even look into your problems together, perhaps (if you truly love her) you should look into mediation or therapy. I am not a licensed therapist. Going for outside help is always a positive step. Take some time and think about what you want. In the mean time, buy some porn and give your hand a work out!

Atomic Bombshell


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