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Monday, November 19, 2007

Fly Hotties Fly, On The Road To Victory

Alyson Allegra

Model Monday! Feast your eyes on Alyson Allegra, snitches. What a hottie. I like to start the week off on a good really put some prime talent up there. This is no exception. I just feel that after watching the Eagles play, regardless of win or lose, we still need a pick me up. Seriously, SuperJive has got to go. His QB rating was like under 1 yesterday. That's hot. I'm a big fan of today's hottie, so I'm not gonna ruin the writeup by mixing my words with hers....hers are much more elegant. Plus I need like 3 more Red Bulls to really get going today. Alyson, why don't you drop some science on em. (I've been listening to way too much old school rap...REGULATOOOORS!)

I grew up in New Jersey. I lived in Boston for 2 years while I was a dance major at The Boston Conservatory. I've been dancing for 18 years and my passion is performing. I've been modeling since high school and have loved meeting so many new people along the way and have enjoyed all the opportunities I've had. In my free time I love working out at the gym, music, drawing, and pretty much anything artistic. I'm also a wrestling fan and love video games...I'm more or less one of the guys :-P I love to go out just as much as I love to stay home and watch movies. Audrey Hepburn is my hero and role model :-)

Tip of the Day

Q: Would you ever date a co-worker?

A: I would date a co-worker. In fact, I have before. The important thing to remember if you do date a co-worker is that when you get to work, your personal life needs to be left at the door. Its like any other job. You can't let thngs that happen outside of the workplace have an effect the job you're doing. If you can do that...i say go for it :-)