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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey Hottie...Baby I Got Your Money

Ashley Marie

Oh what a body. Ashley Marie is 22 years old who claims her smile and personality are what make her unique. This girl is flat out hot. With breasts like cantaloupes and a smile handcrafted by Jesus, we've found you another hottie to listen too. (Side-note: Jesus...heeeeey-zeus... is my spanish speaking wood-working friend. He's illegal) I hope you dipshits are taking these girls advice. I don't. I'm still stricken by knee-knocking shyness. But my personal problem aside. Apparently Sullivan isn't too happy with us because, "dude, there's like no hang out pictures." Okay then, if you guys agree with him. 267-549-1028. Ask for Queenie, or Uncle Fumbles. That's what his brothers call him. If him anyway, or call me. If you really want and need to call Fumbles. He'll give you my number. Anyway, back to Ashley. This girls a professional model. She's a spokewoman for several companies. Top notch talent. If her personality is better than her looks, I'll propose. I put my word on it, Queenie. Her hottest quality has to be the smile. Kinda innocent, but slightly naughty. It kinda makes you wonder what shes been up know what I mean. Stop being a dick. Ashley Marie models for car shows, contests, golf tournaments.... Anything manly and hot. Plus, this hotties really easy going. She even approved the breast comment ahead of time! So once you read her advice, run down to the cubicle with the hot brunette in it, profess your undying love for her, and then run.'s taken you this long to say anything. Like she's gonna respond now. Or just do it...then call Queenie and let him know how it went.

Tip of the Day

Q: Would you date a coworker...why/why not?

A: Yes, I would date a coworker. I don't think dating a coworker is a bad idea because you can get to know them pretty well by working with them. Also, if you are working at the same place, you more than likely will have common interests.