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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We Want That Local Hottie, We Want That Kiss Kiss


Every once in a while around these parts, we get a hottie who breaks the mold. She defies everything you thought you knew about women (which in my case isn't much, hence the website). One look at this hottie, and you think manicures, pedicures, and "Oh my god, like, I might break a nail." Then she speaks. And when she talks, she speaks of fast cars, speedboats, and motorcycles....all of which she can ride and race. As she says, "I may look all glam but no one said you can’t change oil in a mini skirt!" This hottie goes to Penn State where she's majoring in Science, and will be heading to nursing school. She can dress up and look classy for a night on the town, but if your car breaks down, she can hike up her skirt (yessss!)and fix it. This makes me look like such a bitch. Changing a flat tire would take me record time. I might starve before I fix it, actually. She's smart AND hot. But even with all that Kelly Clarkson Independent Woman shit, Nikoleta's still looking for some old fashioned romance. Make her laugh, treat her like every days your first date, and tell her a few jokes. So basically, act like your someone other than you are. You may want to shave and shower first. The 1st and 15th sneak up quick, Dickie. And while she looks all Sex and the City, underneath she's all Dukes of Hazzards. For some reason...I find that ridiculously hot.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats the best way to approach hottie, who is with a group of her hottie friends?

A: the best way would be to make her feel like even though there are many other girls in the room...she's the only one that matters. Humor without being immature is key. Making a girl smile is a direct route to her heart. Without being corny go right up to her and be smooth. Games were played in high give it up! if you are interested just come out and say it. If she's not then she'll let you know and its not like you lost didn't have her initially anyway so what do you have to loose?


Emirhan said...

Where do you find those hotties:)
they are all really hot...Who create them? who love them? Are they real?