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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hottie Deja-Vu...Ooooooooooh!

Megan Metal

Wait...Huh? didn't we just have this hottie on last week? No, sir, we didn't. We had her twin sister. Ths girl is smoking hot, and the fact that there's two makes it even cooler. Once again, I'm gonna let her speak. I'm afraid she may kick my ass! Miss Metal, tell about yourself....

I hate to be cliche and say I'm not the average girl, but I'm not! I love Heavy Metal music, biker bars, and I don't drink like a chick! No "Sex on the Beach" or "Vodka and Cranberry", more like Jager bombs, Whiskey, and Spiced Rum!I can be loud but only because I'm outgoing! I have a twin sister and an older sister that I rarely go out without and when we walk into a bar 9 out of 10 guys will tell me we are very intimidating! Hey guys, we're out to meet new people just like you are, don't judge a book by its cover! We're outgoig and open minded. We like to have convo's with everyone! Just don't be rude or disrespectful! Im sure all girls can agree with me on that one, its not attractive! Also, don't try too hard to impress, it becomes obvious and is a lot more attractive just to be yourself!


Tip of the Day

Q: Would you ever date a guy off the internet? (myspace, facebook, etc)

A: Personally, I'm not a fan of meeting people off the internet. Period. My space, Facebook, Friendster, or even those stupid Dating websites. My theory is, If I have to turn to the internet to try to find a companion, I need to make a change in my life. Whether its where I'm hangin out, the friends I'm hangin out with, or even the liquor I'm drinking. Jack Daniels never made me an easy person to get along with. Hahaha People who search for love on the internet, a lot of the time, have something to hide, and thats why they don't just go out to a bar. A lot of killers target people on the internet because its easier to convince someone through e-mail than it is face-to-face. If you can't pick somebody up at a bar, go home, wash and Iron your shirts, shave, and brush your hair! A little cologne for the guys and mascara for the ladies never hurt anyone!!


Emirhan said...

I have nothing to say for the hot girls anymore:)
I would like to know the motorcycle in one of your pics. what kind of bike is it? it is hot too...