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Monday, November 26, 2007

She HitThe Flo'..Hottie Got Low, Low, Low, Low


Ok Ok, the Thanksgiving hangover is officially done. now I'm onto my Eagles hangover. Overall, last nights game was pretty thrilling, huh? AJ looked pretty competent. Jenn comes to us from South Phillly. Born and bred. She's 21 years old and loves all things sports. Which shouldn't be a problem watching in her house! Living in her house are her three older brothers! I'm guessing her adtes often get threatened with the usual beatdown, and or "I'll be waiting for you to bring her home. I'll just be cleaning my guns anyway" lines. She was probably watching the Eagles game last night. reminiscing of McNabb painting his lineman's Nikes with Wilma's fresh Chunky Soup. BB loves working out, and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. OVERRATED! I like beer, wings, and mini burgers on a daily basis. Can I get an IV for mini burgers? Science surely must know how to do that. She's also got quite a way with words. Jenn, why should you be our hottie of the day?

You could same im plain jane, but its not the same. i aint into big names but i like nice things i watch boxing matches and the football games, i wouldnt mind being an actress but i love to sing. i like goin out, takin walks and stuff, i enjoy quiet nights at home, curlin up next to ya, tho i aint a virgin, that dont mean im havin ex with ya. Anywhere i go im spotted, anything i want i got it, 5'5" with brown eyes, smile like the sunrise.

Tip of the Day

Q: Would you date a coworker?

A: Yes! If I am interested in someone, there is no harm in seeing if there is a spark. If it works out, it works out, if not, then no big deal.