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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Isn't She Lovely? Isn't She Wonderful?


Nothin like a little Stevie Wonder to start the day! Plus, a football fan! Not the Mexican kind. The kind with helmets, not like ordinary people with helmets...athletes. Hence the football in her hands. Lovely is a party girl who calls her friends her bitches. Please ladies, you all do it. I just never pointed it our before. It's kinda cute. I call my friends my homeys (and/or brah when I feel like instigating), and the gay ones... my homos. Just kidding, GLAAD. I don't have any gay friends. I'm not homophobic, just no gay friends. Oh...I do. I have a lesbian friend! Chalk another one up in the "I can't hate ____, because I have a ___ friend" This is all a joke really...please send the hate mail to Sullivan (aka Queenie). His number is on Tuesdays writeup. Lovely can dress with the best of em, and values her loyalty and honesty as some of her best traits. I'll let her tell it, I haven't had my Ritalin, so I'm all over the place.
There are several things that make me unique... i am an art student and love to paint! However i major in fashion design because clothing is my favorite way to express who i am. Unlike many people i am possibly the most loyal friend/person to those that I care about and will accept what people think of the truth rather then like me for what isn't real. There's more but you will just have to friend me to find out!

Beautiful, artistic, and has a fashion sense. And most importantly, this hottie can party. I love that in a girl. Like when I see the bulletins that say ..have u ever blacked out, and the response is...LiKE heLLz YeaH! I know I'm in for a treat. For real though, Lovely...thank you so much for agreeing to be on our site! Lovely's been in various modeling contests throughout the tri-state area. She is a true beauty.

Tip of the Day

Q: Would you date a coworker?

A: yes I would date a coworker! if he is attractive enough to my standards and knows how to treat a girl then he deserves a date, i would never get too seriouse though because working for the same promotion could cause him to get upset when he doesnt get it ;)