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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hottie Movin' We Be Gettin Down And You Know We Crush Groovin'


Oh, I Beastie Booooyeeeed your ass first thing in the morning! Ahhh, what to say about Jackie? Jackie's a 29 year old hottie straight out of Philly. She's been in the hospitality field for 15 years, and is also starting her own consulting company. I wonder how I can get a consultation? You can actually find Jackie out on the town most weekends. Even though she works about 80 hours a week, she still likes to have her fun. This hottie can dance her ass off. This is classic beauty right here. Jackie's got a smile that never gets old, unlike a certain Philadelphia quarterback who we once loved for his easygoing manner. Amazingly, Jackie's friends with our past hottie, RackORama. I don't know who that girl doesn't know. Anyway, it seems like Jackie's the pretty total package. As I've said before, dancers are the best keepers. They never get tired of dancing, so you know that 15 years down the road, it's safe to say she'll still have a smokin body. Plus, with her two jobs she's driven which, for my broke ass, means maybe I can marry, divorce, get a little know, the American dream. I need to learn to dance to house music. I'm not a real big fan of it, but it seems like ladies looooove it. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but she passed one of my most important tests. She wears cool sneakers. Not cool mean trendy, but like, a Nike Air, or Shox type of deal. I hate those goddamn puma things or the shoes with no sole that are now becoming so popular. That's kinda weird, but it's not as weird as my hat test. I think if a woman can look hot in a baseball hat, she can look hot in almost anything. Someone's gotta agree with me there. Anybody, or should I just shut up? Ok. thanks. Be more subtle next time. Jackie, thanks again for agreeing to help us out on this!

Tip of the Day

Q: Can long distance relationships work?

A: Long distance relationships are great! There are so many positive aspects starting with the feeling you get when you are driving/flying to see that significant other. It is like your first date all over again and again. The natural release of dopamine and endorphins make you feel like a little kid. When you have a long distance relationship, you never can get too much of each other, and hopefully you really appreciate the time you do get to spend together. It also allows each person to have their own life at home and focus on themselves. Long distance prevents overbearing, rushed, or loss of identity. Sometimes when involved in a relationship we enjoy being with that person so much that we quickly find ourselves spending too much time together or losing our usual patterns of life. When you have a long distance relationship you can still focus on yourself and your friends while having something to look forward to every weekend or so.Once last perk is that you get to expand your circle of influence. Dating somebody in another city means you have the ability network both personally and professionally in other areas aside from your hometown.I prefer a long distance relationship...that's one reason I drive to NYC every weekend ;)


Anonymous said...

I taught her everything she knows ;)

(LOL-or viseversa! WORK IT!)