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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love It When You Call Me Local Hottie, So Put You Hands In The Air


If you''ve seen me trolling the streets of Newtown lately, this is why. I figure sooner or later I gotta run into this hottie somewhere. No luck yet. Cross your fingers. It must be something in the water. The girls from Newtown are ridiculously smokin hot. Case in point right hurr. Yeah...Chingy style. Anyway, there's no reason for my babble of nonsense to continue. Check out the Gino the Ginny sighting. What a pimp. Hottie, tell em what your workin with....

Hey guys my name is Jen and i live in Bucks County, PA. I am pretty much a typical girl when it comes to loving shopping, getting my nails done, going tanning etc. I also LOVE traveling and going to the beach. I like to stay in shape so i go to the gym when ever i get a chance in my busy schedule. I am still currently in school, but I know i only have a few years to learn what i need to know to have a career in the future. I enjoy going out to dinner to unique restaurants in the city. I am definitely more of a city girl, i just love the atmosphere and the people. I hate fake people and shady people .. that's such a turn off when a guy is shady. I also hate when guys are 2 faced and act like they wanna be with you and then don't call you the next day, so pretty much everything they tell you is what you wanna hear instead of their true feeling towards you. I'm definitely not like any other girl, i am outgoing and everyone always has a good time when they are with me. I am spontaneous and I am usually up for whatever, i guess that makes me adventurous as well lol. I am definitely a girl ho loves attention. I love it when the spotlight is on me, but then again who doesn't. Overall i am a nice girl and i will do anything for my friends but if you get on my bad side i feel bad for you ;)

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats the best way to approach hottie, who is with a group of her hottie friends?

A: the best way to approach a girl that's out with her friends would be to make her laugh. If there is any way you could say a funny joke, that would be an awsome way to start up a conversation. Then you can ask her name and find out what she's all about. Also if you are at a club/bar, you shouldn't just ask a girl if you can buy her a drink, because then she will just use you for the drink. Instead you should start a little conversation and play hard to get to keep the girl interested in you, then ask her if you can buy her a drink ;)

I wanna thank Jen and a lot of the past other hotties for taking the advice portion so seriously. I know I am personally looking for the help, and I think alot of other people could use it too. So thank you for the great answers, beautifuls!