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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And We Can Pop Bottles All Night, Baby You Can Have Whatever You Like


Oh boy. Hands where I can see em, fella. we've got one of the girls from the illustrious Hot Girl Dream Team, Terri. This girl has seriously got it goin' on. When R. Kelly and Young Jeezy came up with the song "Go Getta", this was the type of girl they had in mind. This 26 year old hottie hails from Jersey (eeeeh), and has at least 3 jobs. She's in real estate, she has a 9-5 doing something or other with accounting, and she does party promotions at night. Terri suffers from what I like to call "Aunt Becky Syndrome" first schoolboy crush ...awwwwww. It's not a debilitating disease like narcolepsy or down syndrome. Nope. This hottie has that intangible Girl Next Door look ( I literally hate calling it that, cause no one in my whole neighborhood looks like this), but there's a certain other quality about that you can't quite put your finger on, and it just makes her stand out in a crowd. I first noticed it on Aunt Becky from Full House. At first glance you're kinda like "all right!", then at second glance and after a few minutes of talking to her, you're like "Holy Shit." But I can't lie, when I first met this hottie, I went speechless. Trust me, that makes for a great first impression on my end. Aunt Becky hung out with the rocker dude, but was still classy, responsible, sexy, and had a bit of a wild streak you never really saw. That may be the intangible quality's that wild streak that you're sure is in there, but you haven't seen yet. She's got a fun, outgoing, strong personality. I'd say that's the best part about this hottie. Her ability to make you feel more comfortable in an awkward situation. I tried to find a flaw, cause I really didn't wanna sound like I'm gushing over this hottie, but I've got nothin. She parties too much? Is that a flaw? Not really.

Top to bottom, this hottie has jumped to Top 5. I say that too much, but she just leapfrogged the rest of our hotties like the Phils did to the Mets last night. There really is no flaw on Terri. Lets analyze..... the face: great greenish eyes (i don't know what hazel is, so maybe its that) good hair (sounds gay, but its true), and the mischievous little smile (always a killer). The body: great figure. Washboard abs, and oh my goodness, the butt. She might have the most perfectly shaped booty I've ever seen. That's not an exaggeration...find one better! I dare you. So to summarize, when you get past the absolute beauty of Terri, and down to the person, this hottie doesn't drop a point (if your like most guys judging on a scale of 1-10) and may actually gain points. She's a hard worker aka Go Getta (yeah, you know it's serious when it ends in A and not ER) and she outgoing and fun. This hottie can literally fit in anywhere, and look damn good doin it!

Tip of the Day

Q: Jersey T, give us some do's and don'ts of the dating world!

A: Do's for Dating

1. Do try to look your best and be on time.

2. Do have fun when dating. Dating is better fun so keep it that way.

3. Do flatter and compliment your date on the way they look and the things they wear. People tend to go to a lot of trouble for a date so its nice to hear it.

4. Be interested and interesting. You will never be bored on a date if you're never being boring!
5. Do tell someone if you are not interested in dating them again. If you don't want to see someone again then let them know that in the nicest possible way you can. This reminds me of the episode of Friends when Chandler couldn't stop telling Rachel's boss that he would call her at the the end of their dates... LOL

6. Do date the type of people you like and are attracted to, no matter what your friends say. Approval by your peers doesn't prove a thing. And wasting your time on someone not for you is just silly.

7. Do stay positive even when dates don't end well. Along the way you will meet some nice people and make some good contacts possibly. And when they go terribly wrong, hey at least you got a good laugh!

8. Do be creative, keep some plans in mind and allow dating to take you to places you always wanted to visit within your own city.

9. Do make dating happen for yourself. Nobody will knock on your door for a date. Dating requires positive action so go out there and meet people, as many people as you can!

10. Do surround yourself with positive like minded people who are also dating. Negative friends will only help lower your own expectations and make you feel negative.

Do NOTS of Dating

1. Never call someone more than once a day unless they reply. Desperation and instability are HUGE turn offs.

2. Don't date the people who usually dump on you. You may be generally attracted to the wrong people but that will not get you anywhere except hurt.

3. Men, never ever be late for a date, even if you have a very good reason. Women should never be kept waiting and should never have to seat themselves or open their own door -Ever.

4. Never tell lies to your date or pretend anything about your life that isn't true. Do not allow trust to be ruined by some silly lie told early on.

5. Never be too available. Being available every night of the week means you are making yourself uninteresting and a possible doormat. Be busy, be generally unavailable and be interesting.

6. Don't give away too much about yourself at the start. People love mystery. Revealing to your new date your inner most secrets on date number two will quickly ruin everything. A small bit at a time people.
7. Never check other people out when you are with your date. When you may think you are subtle , your date will be heading for the door. Have the courtesy of concentrating solely on your date when you are with them.

8. Don't be rude, talk on your cell or get drunk on a date. Courtesy and manners will get you everywhere.

9. Don't ignore safety when dating. Have a cell in your pocket, tell your friends where you are going and be safe. Date at first in well known public places and never ever be pushed into anything you don't feel comfortable doing.

10. Don't give out personal information like home phone numbers and addresses on a first date. There are some creepy people out there!

11. Don't have sex on a first date if you ever want to see your new date again. If you like them and are interested in them, sex on a first date will usually ruin everything. Its too much too soon and is not the way of romance.

12. Never date a married person. They will not leave their husbands or wives for you. Married dating is the sure fire way to misery, lies, deceit, lack of self respect and loss of romance. If you are married, separate first. If you are single, don't be a shoulder to cry on, you deserve far better.