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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To The Left, To The Left, If You Wanna Leave, Be My Guest, You Can Step

Lady Licious aka Lindsay

In every guys books of dream women, there is the girl next door. In movies, like Disturbia for instance, the girl next door is some hottie who loves to sunbath on her roof. Or in Summer Catch, it was Jessica Biel swimming seductively in her pool as Ryan Dunne tries to mow the lawn, forcing him to cut down shrubs and run into a tree. Well, I've never had that stunningly hot neighbor. But someone does, because today we have Lindsay (with an A), and somewhere in Philly, there is a 15 year old kid sitting out on his back porch watching this hottie dance, sunbath, shit she may even be walkin the dog. And I'm jealous of that kid. Dark and and bright eyes kicks me in the nuts everytime. I'm such a sucker. Let's hear more about Lindsay straight from Linds, Whaddup??

i work at french connection (fcuk-french connection united kingdom)
a hobby of mine is dancing, i like absolutely love to dance. Another thing i love to do is to sing, i mostly sing in my shower because for some reason i sound, well, i think i sound really good in there...haha. Im going to go to beauty school, im not sure which one, but i definitely want to do hair.

Singing in the shower isn't anything new, but this is the first hottie to admit it! She's just so damn girl next door hot. That's all I can think of...that everyone should at one time or another have a neighbor like this. Lindsay just seem like a happy go lucky girl, all the fun in the world, rolls with the punches, and rarely ever gets angry. That's such a plus, cause I hate when random shit I can't help happens, and all of a sudden I'm getting yelled at for no apparent reason and it's certainly not helping the problem. This beauty exudes class, she's fun, and she's really got this All American Hottie look to her. She's got a job, and she's got a plan for the future, so she's set there. And she likes to dance. Hotties who love to dance share one common trait. They all have sick bodies. Sick in a good way, like "Yo, that girls body is siiiiiiiiiick". And she will stay that way cause they are generally active women who want to, and know how to, look good. So CHEERS! to Lindsay.....Thanks Again

Tip of the Day

Q: Lindsay, what is your very best piece of dating advice for a shy guy in Philly... how do they get to you

A: *a really good piece of advice for a shy guy in philly is, be confident, even if you aren't, act like you are, not to an extreme though, like dont take it to the asshole stage, but when girls see that you have confidence, its a turn on. Also, when hitting on a girl, dont keep going after her, just give her a little flirt then let it will definitely keep her attention.


rick said...

since when is there shy guys in philly lol. jersey guys are better

Robert said...

Lindsay looked like she was gonna be a model from the time she was 12 y.o. She always had beautiful eyes, skin and teeth. Few people have sucha a incredible smile and cute laugh! Love ya Lindsay! Bob T from Fairview Village SDA