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Monday, August 4, 2008

Lolli, Lolli, Lolli, Lolli, Let Me See You Pop That Body

Miss Lindsey

Well, I'd like to start the week off by officially thanking the Medford Lakes Police Officers for leaving me stranded in a town I know nothing about, with no idea where I was....thank god for 911. Also, shout out to their new Lieutenant, who has a hard on for people quietly walking the streets, and accusing them of being drug addicts. Thanks, sir, you really make a good impression for your town. Today we've got the oh-so-hot Lindsey. Lindsey may have one of the finest rear ends we've ever seen on this site. So in honor of the upcoming football season, we'd like to help her show it off a bit, and welcome the hottest tight end to Philly Hotties. Soooo, Lindsey, what can you tell us about yourself?

fun : i love to go to the beach , go to clubs and lounges , workout & spend time with my friends and family .

hobbies: i was a cheerleader in highscool lol

unique: im a very outgoing and caring person im can talk to anyone and im always nice and respectful of others.

schooling: im taking a year of and them in going to nyu to study law.

To study law....then hopefully you can help defend me against the previously mentioned Medford Lakes Police Department, or MLPD when the new lieutenant gets gangster. Lindsey is definitely a hottie. I mean, she loves working out, loves hitting up the nightlife....and is abso-goddamn-lutely smokin hot. She's got beauty and brains, and is a former cheerleader. That's not really a surprise, but what's it take to get on the bottom of that pyramid, eh? She's helping to bring the Brunettes back on the site...and doing a damn fine job of representin (MLPD WHAT?!) And the previously mentioned booty on this girl is out of this world. She's tiny, with a fine rump, gorgeous face and curves everywhere the good Lord intended curves to be...I'm not even religious but I'd like to thank God for this one. Plus she's always nice and respectful, so if you actually show some manners when hitting on her, she'll probably at least let you down easy. Well, she won't laugh in your face and say, " You? Me? Pffft really?"

Tip of the Day
Q: Excuse me, starting Tight End, what's the best piece of dating advice you have for all those lonely guys in Philly?
A: as hard as it might be when you approach a girl act confident and sure of yourself even if your not, just fake it. she might be a little bit nervous to. Another thing NEVER and i mean NEVER use pick up lines you will come off as a joke. Just be yourself.


jguido86 said...

lindsey lindsey lindsey what could i possibly say this is probobly one of the most gorgeous sweetest girls you will ever meet not to mention a sick body and ass out of this world =) shes deffinitly a keeper

brandnewny said...

she looks like a hott little italian sports car that i would love to take a ride in

johnnyboy said...

WOW shes absolutley stunning ! deffinitly wifey material