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Monday, August 18, 2008

Put Him In A Bodybag, Hottie!! Yeah!


Ehhh, Mondays. Hate 'em. Hate 'em with a passion. That's why it's lucky for us that we have a beautiful woman every Monday morning to help ease that start to your week. To day we've got Lawren, a 25 year old Hottie with a Body. See how I did that? It rhymed. As we've stated before on this site, there is nothing better than a versatile hottie. Someone who can act graceful when the time calls for it, but once the clock strikes bedtime, she can bring out her inner Tawny Kitean. Plus, when your getting picked on at the bar by the group of hot girls and Gotti boys, instead of throwing away your stupid bike, she can kick their ass for you....wait what?

I went to Rowan University for education. I used to instruct tae kwon do and kickboxing. I was a loan officer for 3 yrs. I love life and enjoying every minute of it.. I love to sing. I wrote and sang the song on my myspace profile.www. myspace. com/lawrens. I love to dance as well.

That's right...a certified badass. Not only that, when she's done kicking their asses, she can turn around and sing you a song about rain going away and feeling better about yourself. Uhhh, not that I get my ass kicked all the time. I'm a lover, not a fighter. This professional model/loan officer/ karate instructor has been seen in Maxim, Stuff StuntSteel and was a member of the USA National Bikini Team. That's no joke right there. She's also got a great voice. The song on her myspace kinda sounds like an 80's throwback. Remember the song in Karate Kid, "Cruel Summer"? It reminds me of that a little bit. Why this girl isn't an international star yet is unknown to me. Keep an eye out for her. And if you don't buy her album she'll kick your ass. Got It, Danielson?

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single fellas in Philly?

A: Some dating advice I have to give is be yourself, dont look to hard, take it slow, use your gut feeling. Dont look too hard, if you ever noticed when you don't want to find someone they come flocking. When your looking no ones to be found...