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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Got Nothin Clever Today. This Girl Is Just Hot


I've kinda been neglecting the Olympics on here, mainly because no one really gives a shit about anything except basketball and Michael Phelps. Whens bobsledding and the Cool Runnings team start up? The Olympics haven't really been relevant since Tonya Harding smacked Nancy Kerrigan. That was wild. Anyway...keep watching the Olympics. It's good for your Patriotism. Nothing says I love my country like rooting on the American Air Pistol team. Today we've another South Jersey hottie. WTF ladies. Where are all my Philly girls. I've gotta go out of state to get willing participants to this site! Thank god for Jackie. Jackie..inform these fools about yourself.

im 29 years old and i live in south jersey. im a nail technician during the day and a coors girl at night. i love sports especially philly sports. i am a huge Eagles fan but my first love are the Flyboys!! cant get enough!! i love goin out and having a good time, tryin new things and meeting new people. i may look like a girlie girl but dont let that fool you....

The Flyboys huh? I don't even like Coors Light, but I looooove the Coors Light Girls. What's not to love? Here's a question for all the fellas. Put your answers in the comments section if you many guys have ever gotten a manicure? I personally never have, and I'm wondering if it's something a lot of guys do, or just the gay ones...really, I don't know. And is it less gay if the girl is as hot as Jackie? Back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is just a sexy girl. She oozes hotness like a Ninja Turtle. This blonde can hang with the boys, which is a trait you have GOT to love in a woman. If she can sit and talk shop during the Eagles and/or Flyers game...I'm in love. All we need to get her is a hot little Flyers Jersey, cut it all up and she's set. She should be the Flyers new mascot. Goddamn, man. Look at those eyes. They're spectacular. And let me say this now...there's no bigger turn on in the world then a little bit of underboob. You know, the shirt kinda pulled up and little bit....whew! She's sexy. That's all I got.

Tip of the Day

Q: Jackie, gimme your best piece of dating advice for single Philly guys!

A: The best piece of dating advice i can give to the single fellas in the area is dont play games!! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Playing games never gets anyone anywhere and its a huge waste of time. But if you do decide to play games....just kno that we kno how to play them better!!