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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jenni, Please Excuse My Hands


Oh Jenni! This hottie comes to us from Quakertown in beautiful Bucks County. The 25 year old bombshell has everything you'd ever look for in a woman. She's got the brains, the body, and the go get 'em attitude which will make her a huge success in the modeling industry....don't believe me? Just ask her!

well, I work for 7 modeling agencies, promotional work, calendar shoots, tv, movie, commercials, and much more. I love to be with my family and friends and spend alot of time with them. I love hip-hop and R&B music and the beach. I love working out and chillin w my friends. I also love to travel and be in NYC or Miami. I have attended Penn State University and plan on finishing school starting in November at University of Phoenix. My hobbies include scrapbooking, photography, traveling, collecting sea shells, arts&crafts, reading, writing, and working out. What makes me unique is that I have a crazy passion for modeling and believe in following your dreams, without them we are nothing right? I am a girly girl but I can hang w the boyz too!! I am a real romantic and hold friends and family very close to my heart.

7 modeling companies...count'em. SEVEN! That's a bonafide model right there, boy. She's hung with playboy models, actors and actresses, and has been in numerous runway shows. I'm a fan. I also once worked with a girl who was a scrapbooker...she was weird though. It never made me think that a scrapbooking woman would look like this... She can also hang with the fellas, or chill with the ladies. Versatility is a must in today's world. So, how do you win over a hottie like this?

Tip of the Day

Q: Jenni, What is the best way to win your heart?

A: Just a little advice guys, don't be to nice..crazy as it is.. girls don't like guys that are to clingy or to nice. You act like that and you'll never make it past the friend zone. Its kinda messed up but girls go for the assholes, and hope they are the girl that wins them over no girl I know likes a guy up her ass and its a sure way to have a girl running in the opposite direction!!