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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Never Will You Be My Corona And Lime, And I Won't Be Your Main Squeeze


I'm likin' Regina. She's got personality busting out of her bra straps (I couldn't think of anything else you'd bust out of). There's a new fad running rampant across's the "self pic". And I love it. 99% of women who take pictures of themselves in the mirror, or even while they are driving, do so because they know they are hot. This girl's got style, and she's knows it. Plus she must be from somewhere near me cause she goes to all the bars I go to, which will remain nameless for all you stalkers out there. She's got a mischieveious know, one that makes her look so innocent that you have to wonder what the hell she just did that you have no idea about....but it's the eyes that get you. The smile draws you in and the eyes keep you there. Regina, tell us what makes you unique...

I'm outgoing and random. I take an obnoxious amount of pictures. People take me way too seriously. I'm kidding 99% of the time. My socks never match. I don't like normal people. You have to be weird to intrigue me. I love animals. Hate insects. I love sunny weather and the summer, but I also love snow. I'm a kid at heart. I'm a very blunt person. If you ask me a question be prepared to hear what I have to say. I'm opinionated, honest, sarcastic, and goofy. I LOVE to laugh.

It's completely true. This is the type of girl who likes to lick just about everything in sight. I wanted to use more pictures of her, but they all had someone in it or her licking something. The upside to that, is that there's never a dull moment around this hottie. Everywhere she goes she brings some sort of fun and excitement, she's like a very hot amusement park. Okay, not the best description (your not actually riding her like a ..nevermind) What I'm trying to say is that this hottie's fun. Not too high maintenance, not too worried about what others think...just a genuinely fun person. Sarcasm is a trait that a lot of women don;t pick up on immediately, if ever. So to find a sarcastic, outgong and fun hotties like hitting the jackpot. Plus, she knows Joe Bloomfield.

Tip of the Day

Q: Regina, whats your beeest piece of dating advice for single Philly and Philly Burbs guys?

A: Be real. Don't lie. Don't cheat. And give the respect that you expect in return.