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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Sorry for no girl yesterday, but we had some issues with blogger here on our end again. Now back to the show....

Dear Atomic Bombshell,
Do you think it's really true what they say about women getting attached after sex? That it's almost impossible for a woman to just have a booty call? I'm experiencing some complications with a girl that I have been sleeping with for the last few months. She says she isn't getting clingy, but she calls all the time for no reason. Should I make a break for it?
Pass on the Clingy

Dear "Pass on the Clingy,"
I'm not sure what it is that you are asking me? Are we capable of just sex? Yes! Some women prefer to not be attached to someone. Some of us like our lives just the way they are. Just sprinkled with some sex. Some of us are not capable. It also depends on the situation. What kind of relationship/friendship did you have prior to sex. How often do you have booty calls, etc. Chemistry plays a large role in the "need to bond with you" feeling. Chemistry is a super powerful thing. Sometimes sex is so great, that we ignore the reality of how incompatible we are with this person. I actually did a little research online and found that with women, there is a hormone released during sex called Oxytocin. It can cause a feeling of wanting more from your booty call. It brings out the instinct of wanting to "bond." Good sex can cloud your vision so much that you don't see that this person is not for you. So today's lesson; Sex/lust can make you go blind! Thanks for writing!!
Atomic Bombshell

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