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Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Bringin Hotties Back, These Other Girls Don't Know How To Act


Well, sorry about yesterday and no hottie being up. I had an emergency I had to deal with, and unfortunately it took me all day. But we're back today with a whole new hottie. A gorgeous sparkplug of an Italian woman named Tara. Not only do we think she's hot, but apparently so does the rest of the city!! Tara is one of the Daily News' Sexy Singles, and can be seen on She'll also be at the party we're throwing at Cavanaughs RiverDeck on August 27th! More info on that later today. Tara is also friends with one of our past hotties, Fallon. Oh, Tara and Fallon make a Ridiculously Hot Duo. that should be their name...Ridiculously Hot Duo.

So not only is she a sexy single, but Tara is also an aspiring model who can be seen all across the city. In fact, she was just recently one of the winners in the Bikini Contest at Benny the Bum's that including at bunch of the stunning Hot Girl Dream Team Girls. (If you've never heard of or seen the Hot Girl Dream Team, puh-lease look at our top friends. These girls are gorgeous.) She's also a waitress but declines to say where, but I think I know. The male version of the restaurant would be called Cocks. That's just a guess, but I'm rarely ever wrong. Right? This is really the total package! All the way from the long flowing hair, to the gorgeous brown eyes, bright white Crest commercial smile, obviously the "Hooters" (oh man that sounds 4th grade-ish), washboard abs, the rock hard booty, and the legs....oh goddamn those legs. I've got nothing left to say about this beauty that these pictures can't say for me. Just keep an eye out for Tara. I hope this isn't the last we see of her.

Tip of the Day

Q: Tara, What's your best piece of dating advice for all the not so sexy single guys in Philly?

A: best dating advice? guys need to stop playing games with girls if they want them they want them dont play games!!! The games eventually get old and we can play them better if needed lol..............

Q2: Wait wait wait, but we also here don;t be too nice,and your telling us don;t play games...So what's the middle ground?

A2: well idk lol....dont play games but dont be up our ass either put up a challenge sometimes but not all the time lol idk you'll never figure a woman out because were dont even have ourselves figured out ya know.....women are NEVER satisfied end of story