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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I'm in a relationship that has turned up-side down. My girlfriend and her son, have lived with me for over a year. I love them both. I take care of her son all the time while she works and goes out with her friends. It just seems that lately, she is always going out. Our relationship feels like it has been reduced to roommates. When I tried talking to her about how much she goes out, it turns into a fight about how she raised her son without his father for so long and she hasn't been out with friends in years. Since she has been going out, she has been working less and sleeping in. I don't mind taking care of her son because I love him. I have a great job and money isn't really an issue either. It's just that my girlfriend is changing into this selfish person. I really don't know how to talk to her anymore. I was hoping to get your opinion?

-Mr. Mom

Dear "Mr. Mom,"

It sounds to me like you have become her live-in babysitter. You have now enabled your girlfriend to neglect her responsibilities. Your relationship is falling apart and you feel like you are just a roommate to this person. Where exactly is the part where she adds something positive to you? It is really wonderful that you love her son and you are probably attached to him (and vice versa). If you feel like the love is lost with your girlfriend, you need to end it. Don't drag it out just because you love her child. It will only make things worse.Not too mention, you may really end up resenting her for her behavior later on. However, if you feel like you can reach her, I would really sit down and discuss how you are feeling. Tell her about your concerns and let her know that going out is okay once in a while. Tell her you are willing to compromise. She is someone's mother. It doesn't matter what happened in the past. Once you decide to have a baby, IT'S YOUR JOB TO DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR CHILD. That includes not going out every night and leaving your child with your boyfriend! If she has family, try and get their advice as well. I hope everything works out for you! Thanks for writing.

Atomic Bombshell

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