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Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Take You By Suprise And Make You Realize, Amanda


What a game last Night! Sixers, Phillies, now Flyers, oh my! I was at the Phil's game last night and that place was rockin. It was wild. I now fully believe that all Met's fans are closet homosexuals. Although, I'm wondering if that's an insult to all the gays. Today we've got the lovely Amanda, from Fairless Hills. Speaking of hills, I can't pretend not to notice this hotties got some peaks and valleys I'd like to explore. She's absolutely smokin too. Thanks to Mullivan for helping us select todays hottie too!

My name is Amanda.. Im taking sports management/business at buckscounty community college to be a sports agent. I work full time as a secretary at a highend luxury car dealership called Autostrada and i work thursday/friday/sat nights for VT promotions...basically going to local bars/clubs in the city and doing promotions. its alot fun and im always in the city : ) my hobbies are shopping of course, i LOVE basketball going to games and watching the games on t.v, going out with the girls, traveling, and going on dates!

Ohhh, Mandy. They say Drew Rosenhaus has the most clients in the NFL. Wait til Amanda graduates. She looks like she could be a pitbull in the war room. Sweet and sassy until her client wants the 4 mil signing bonus, then she becomes ferocious. Ferocity is definitely a quality I adore in a hottie. From the eyes to the smile and all the way down, this hottie is purely what we're lookin for on this site. Unfortunately, I'll never buy a car off her, cause I'm broker than the dudes in the free credit report ads. F-R-E-E that spells get it. Amanda, I'm smashing my piggy bank as we speak.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice for a single guy in Philly?

A: i would say my best piece of dating advice would be "never settle" i always tell myself that, you deserve the best and for someone to treat you like a princess and i wont take anything less.


ross said...

even more gorgeous in person!