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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Local Hotties Poppin, My Local Hotties Cool


Ok, let me start by saying that my favorite part about this girl is that she might have severe A.D.D. ... like never before seen levels, which is absolutely perfect, cause you'll never be bored. It looks like she just hops from one good time to the next. The constant debate going on in my head is beginning to shift towards the Brunettes. Especially after one look at Michele. She's got this winning know how Tom Brady is cool, calm, and collected? Well, Michele's kinda like that, except she's wild, crazy, and gorgeous. It's the eyes and the smile that get me every goddamn time. Michele, my Belle, tell 'em why you mad, yo....

A typical day for me during the week is sort of repetitive. I wake up, feed my pretty fish Yizzo, go to class, then answer phones and be the counter girl at the pizza place underneath of my apartment. I'm in my 3rd year at West Chester University with a double major in Business Mgt and Criminal Justice. My week nights consist of any tv show on A&E,VH1 and E. But the weekends are a whole other story. Fun for me is spending time with my family but especially my bestfriends. It's like an addiction. We're not the same when we go out to let loose and maybe get a little to wild if one's missing. You'll typically find me up Olde City, shopping in town or at a restaurant with the girls on Sunday recapping all the crazy things that went on over the past weekend. "Sunday Funday!!!"

Sunday Funday, huh? After the restaurant, it's the after party. Dude, the best part about this girl is...criminal justice major. So the next time your drunk ass decides to get arrested for stealin slim jims from 7-11, she can outwit the cop with lawyer talk. "Sir, that's illegal search and seizure. Plus, I've got a bangin booty, so step off" ..... *riiiiip* There goes that citation.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for single guys in the Philly area?

A: The BEST piece of advice I could give a single guy in philly is WISE UP! Dont think we're only smart when it comes to what matches our high heels. We catch bad vibes as much as we reapply our lipgloss...if something just isn't right...we catch on...a lot quicker than you realize. Sorry for coming on a bit strong but stop underestimating us! Also...if you do find us attractive and you do really care about it better please!!!

Ok Michele...FOLLOW UP QUESTION (hopefully, I'll have an answer later)

Ok, so a guy sees you out and about finds you ARE guys approaching you, and how SHOULD they approach you.

Ok...sooo, there's an approach that I tend to get when lets say, I'm at the bar/club. It's what I call the "pain in the ass approach". It starts off with him coming over and introducing himself, possibly offer to buy me a drink. (TIP#1: If the girls says no thanks and gives you some kind of matter what the excuse...she's most likely not interested, UNLESS she continues with the conversation. If she has more than 2 of her girls by her side BE SMART about every thing you say/do b/c girls ARE picky and CAN/DO/WILL point out silly little things that may stand out about you. TIP#2: Be very VERY aware of this group of friends, if they take notice of you, which I promise you they will, be conscience of their presence as well...offer a round of shots..introduce your friends and vise versa.) Now come on guys, at this point if the girl you originally tried to talk to seems as if she's a little stand off-ish or gives you one word replys to your questions or seems hesitant and doesn't smile much...(TIP#3: Notice the girls smile...if it looks fake shes not interested. If it looks like she's actually smiling because of something you said...your in!) The right way to get a girl, catch her eye. This is the best chance a guy has to get a girl...and it's mainly all her doing, all you have to do is take notice..but not too much like your stawking her. I know when I personally spot a guy out in the club who catches my eye, after I call dibbs and let the girls now (lol) I along with my friends will try to put ourself around him or near his group of friends to try and catch his attention. It's YOUR job to pick up on it! When you finally take notice offer to buy us a round (Sorry guys, I know that sounds terrible but that's THE BEST way to get our attention as well as our NEED to get in good with her friends...If her friends start picking you apart...all chances are lost. She needs to feel comfortable around you...dont be too touchy feely when your dancing, its just creepy. So basically, be yourself, carry yourself like your the shit, but not too much b/c then you'll just get picked apart for it lol. Sorry guysI know we're difficult...but you should be use to it by now!!!


Seamus Patrick Banning said...

well babe, what can i say? ur by far the most beautiful girl on here, i kno cuz i checked, lol. your outter beauty is only matched by your inner beauty. your definately the coolest girl i have ever met, and keep in mind i'm a bartender... i meet girls all the time, lol. you kno whats awesome... i get to text you later, woo!!! lucky me, hahaha.