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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Put Him In A Body Bag, Hottie! YEAH!


Oh Kimberly. Women named Kimberly are hot 95% percent of the's like a rule. It can;t be a hundred percent cause there's always that one chick who has to screw everything up. This isn't that one chick. Obviously. This hottie comes to us from Jersey, but works in Cherry Hill, and can be found roaming the city rooting for all the Philly sports teams. But beware, fellas. This hottie did 5 plus years of Tae Kwon Do. Hence the Karate Kid quote up top. (See how it all ties in now?? Ohhhh, I'm not just another nerdy face) This girl is that bring her home to mom type of hot. You know what I mean. Mom will appreciate that you've found a cute girl, and Dad will give you a high five when everyone leaves. Kimberly's livin by the seat of her pants...trying to figure out what the world holds in store for her. She works hard, but is under the same impression I doesn't always have to be miserable. You can enjoy work. Once she finds her life's passion, she'll be all set. She can go out on the town, but also doesnt mind spending a night in...watching movies or tv....I have a feeling this hottie looks just as good in sweats as she does dressed up. In fact, she's so good with movies, she has yet to find anyone who can match her "extensive knowledge of movie quotes"....Here's lookin at you, kid!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice for the single guys in Philly?

A: My best advice for single guys all comes down to confidence! But a lot of guys get it confused with cockiness! It doesn't matter what u look like, or how much money u have, a guy that is confident can get any girl he wants. When u approach a girl dont act like u are gods gift to earth, approach her like it would be great to get to know her. Don't sit and talk about yourself. Find things that she likes, doesn't like, and relate. Make her laugh. Laughter goes a long way. I have seen amazing looking men, and because of their lack of personality or confidence, just walked away, and they were so confused, and yet the ones that you dont give a second glance at, are the ones who talk to u like u r a human being and make u laugh, and well, they just might end up being ur soulmate!


EX-niceguy said...

Confidence! Good advice K-money. 1 thing i did find funny and always find funny w/women. If it doesn't matter how much money you have...why did you bring it up in the 2nd sentence???

Ahhh the beautiful woman...there is nothing on earth like her.