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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Suicide. You've Seen Her, You've Seen How Hot She Is...You Can't Win.


I stole today's headline form a movie, but replaced a few words. Guess the movie and win a dollar! It's official...Pat Burrell for MVP has now begun, and will continue the rest of the year! How can it not after last nights bottom of the ninth 2-run jack to tie it?? Anyway,. the Fly-guys won too, which ...yay! Although the leagues making it quite clear they want that Sidney-Ovechkin matchup...Onto today's hottie, Elena. This hottie is 22 years old, and is reppin Vineland, NJ. You may notice her from your Preston and Steve calendar that's hangin in your pimped out cubicle. You know, right next to the photoshopped picture of you and Pee-Wee Herman. Elena is Miss July in your calendar, so flip quickly, if you don't want to ruin upcoming months. (June 1st..*flips calendar*...SURPRISE! It's you sister!) I'll let Elena tell it, I've got some sports updates to catch up on.

My name is Elena, as you know, I'm originally from Ukraine and moved here 10 years ago. I've lived in Vineland ever since and now attend Rowan University to work towards getting my bachelors in psychology and plan on going to pharmacy school to get my PharmD. Lately I've been dabbling in amateur modeling, won Preston&Steve's "Philly's hottest out of the shower girl" half a year ago and had the pleasure of being featured in their calendar (check me out on July!! :) ). Oh and check me out at Trajan-magazine. com as this months Trajanette!

Ukraine born and bred. Hottest out of the shower. That's such a good category. But not only is she hot....she's also smart. Bachelors in psychology? That's some tough shit right there, homey. Although I do find it hard to believe a beauty like this is only "dabbling" in amateur modeling. Stop dabbling and take that shit head on! Plus, look at this business could anyone get any work done??

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single Philly guys?

A: Best piece of dating advice I would give is:For guys not to be afraid to show their soft side, it makes you seem human and easier to relate to :-)


Robin said...

Great idea for a blog. I like it!