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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I need your advice. I went out with this girl for the first time nine days ago. I thought our date went really well. We went out to dinner. I thought we really connected. We talked about lots of things. We both talked about our past relationships. I thought it was all really good. The only thing that made it weird for a second, was that I found out she is a lot younger than me. Even after that, everything still seemed good. I had a great time and she said that she did too. At the end of the night, we hugged and kissed and she told me to give her a call. The next day, I waited until the end of the day and I called her. I got her voicemail. I left her a message. I remembered her saying that she had finals so I figured she was busy. Two days go by, I still don't hear from her. I decide to text her. I just wanted to say hello and let her know what a good time I had. She finally responded with a smiley face. The three more days go by, nothing from her at all. I decided to text her before I meet my friends out to invite her to join us. She didn't respond at all. I just don't understand? She said she had a good time. She said to call her and that she wanted to go out again. I thought we had a lot of fun. What should I do now?

-First Date Wonder

Dear First Date Wonder,

Stop calling, texting, or whatever else that you are doing! Stop it NOW! I'm sure the date was fine. Here's the thing, women are not that hard to figure out! If we like you, we will respond to you. When we really like a guy, no matter how busy we are, we will always respond back. Even if it ends up being hours later, it's still within that 24hr range. There is no mystery here. First dates are great. It's really exciting when you meet someone new and you feel like you are connecting. Remember, you don't know that person. There have been plenty of times where I have said "Yeah, I had a great time (god, just let me get to my car) Sure, you can call me!" I think that maybe you had some expectations about where this was going after the first date because you thought is was going so great. I think you moved too quick. You should have waited before you called her. After you called her, you put the ball in her court. She didn't do anything so you text her (which you shouldn't have done after she didn't respond to you). She gives you a lame-ass smiley face and then you decide to text her again, days later? You came on too strong. You say she is younger than you? Maybe she caught the vibe that you were too eager to settle down? Either way, STOP WITH THE TEXTS AND CALLS! It was one date! Darling, she's just not that into you. Just move on and don't look back.

Atomic Bombshell

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EX-niceguy said...

Hey atom bomb...nice summation. I don't think 1st date wonder could have done anything else wrong, even if he tried. Look bro...u got to learn to recognize the obvious signs. Allow me to lay it out for you:

Mistake #1: you talked about past relationships. Never do this. Women love to do it on dates, but you don't do it! This is how they qualify you. Don't bore her w/411 about your's unattractive and just sounds like you are a sniveling nice guy. U prob lost her right here bro.

Mistake 2: Never ask about a womans's age. Are u nuts man? This is a no brainer, why bring it up? If she is legal and you like her, any talk about age can only hurt you.

Mistake 3: Never tell her you had a great time, it sounds like you are fishing for a, "I had a great time too." And of course she's going to say that b/c women like to avoid confrontation so of course she'll reciprocate your weak old "i had a great time" did you actually think she would say, "not me I just want to get away from your old self as fast as possible...later gramps." Plus it just sounds like you are a lonely boy, and it's anti-confidence.

Mistake 4: U called her the next day. U should always always always wait 5-9 days b4 calling. It builds anticipation, shows confidence, lets her know u got stuff going on in ur life and are not just sitting around waiting to call her back.

Mistake 5: U left a message. Confident men don't talk to answering machines they talk to women. Women use the answering machine to screen u out and it is also how they run the option play on you. NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE. It's anti-confidence. Don't leave messages period, not at work, not to your family, not to anyone. Do what a confident man would do.

M 6: U left a text message. OK bro now we are entering into stalker territory. IF she likes u she will contact u or she would have returned your weak lame message from 2 days ago. IS this not OBVIOUS. (hey man i used to be a nice guy too so i know what u r going thru). Oh yeah, never leave a text, talk to women, not text messages. Plus the lame smiley face she gave u is the kiss of death. If u leave a voice message and a word text and the girl responds with some kind of's the kiss of death. The old text symbol is women speak for "bro can't u take a hint? i'm not interested in u, u don't even warrant a voice dump, please interpret this smiley face to mean lose my number"

M 7: wow u texted her again...r u kidding me? OK bro imagine this. U meet a hot girl that u r even remotely attracted to. How many times is she going to have to try to contact u b4 she ends up talking to you. Once and probably not even that many times b/c u will probably contact her first. Look man grow a backbone and hang back for once in your life. If they like u they help you. If they don't like u, they send smiley faces.

Mistake 8: You took her words at face value. Look man she said to call you...fine. But women want to avoid conflict so they say things like that all the time. ACTIONS bro, what are her ACTIONS telling you? Syntax means very little in woman-speak, it's all about actions bro.

Look man I can help you, I was there before then I hit upon some really good dating advice that taught me to do the right thins and more importantly stop doing the wrong things. Check out my blog.