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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hottie, I'ma Hit It - Hit It Like I Can't Miss


Happy Friday, fellas! The weekend is here, and I've finally got a Saturday where I'm not working, so the "Get Rob B. Fresh Drunk" Fund is officially open. Donations will be accepted at your local watering hole, or at Black Bull tonite. Today, we've got the lovely Miranda. She's a 21 year old hottie from Philly. Before I even say too much, let's let Miranda shit chat about herself a lil bit....

my name is miranda i m in CCP for nursing, i m different from alotta other girls my life dont revolve around gettin smashed and picken up random guys from the club, i like to watch movies and spend time with my family, friends, occasionally go out, my girls are my world and i would do anything for them. my motto is keep your friends close but your enemies closer. dont get me wrong i absolutely love going out drinkin n going to clubs with my girls i just dont turn into a slob :)

Ok, so my goal today is to piss Miranda off, so I can be come her enemy and get as close to her as possible. Play the angles, fellas. Nah, I couldn't even write anything bad if I wanted too. This 21 year old hottie doesn't like to get sloppy drunk (my odds just decreased by 45%)...she just enjoys having a good time. What's not to like about this hottie? She got the lips and hips most men can only dream of finding, and she's a nurse. So...umm...I'm assuming she has a nurses outfit. And maybe some thick-rimmed glasses. That's all I can think about while I'm typing. Generally, just a good, HOT, down to earth girl looking to have a good time with her girls. I judge women by how many girlfriends they have....if a woman has no girlfriends, she can't be trusted. Miranda has a shitload of them...and they are alllll hot. So I consider her as trustworthy as George Washington, who I believe never told a lie. Then again, it's been years since I had social studies, and it may possibly be someone else, but you get my drift. Plus, she likes to curse I there's a bonus!!! Miranda...thanks for finishing our week off right! I'm pretty proud of ourselves this week!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very very best piece of dating advice for Philly guys??

A: would have to start by saying the one thing that has been bothering me. first of all dont put your self out there.... make it a challenge, its not worth it if its easy. if you are looking for something true and not just a good fuck then treat the girl with respect. and when you do have something good open your eyes and see it, dont hide in the shadows of the past, you could be passing up something that you been looking for and before you know it, its gone. keep your standards high ...dont settle for whores the way they act to you they act to everyone else & everyone thats how u catch shyt.:) hollerr haha