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Friday, April 4, 2008

This Hottie's Advice: Dress For Success


Let me just tell you what an absolute treat we have for you. This woman is a top notch hottie. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she's also extremely driven. Marina has her own clothing stores (yes multiple) on South Street...eModa and Fusion. Make sure you check them out next time your down there. One of her stores got a BARREL full of weed mailed to them....and they took the high road and turned it in to the cops. That's the time to stick as much shit as you can into your pockets, and run. I'm almost confused as to what to write today. Marina's a serious business woman. She knows how to make money, and that's a trait thats hard not to love in a woman. But what I've found is...the women who make money, want a guy with the same drive. Which means we actually have to get off our asses, and try to accomplish something. I know...I know...the dreams over. But here's the good side to being attracts girls like this to guys like us. Anyway, Marinas worked with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park among lots of other celebrities. It's really a pleasure to have her on our site today. I mean, this is the woman that guys strive to marry, and women strive to emulate. I have no doubt you'll be hearing more about this hottie in the future.....Defnitely, definitely READ HER ADVICE!!!!

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats your best piece of dating advice for single guys?

A: When it comes to dating in the city of Philly, particularly that all-important first date, most of you know there’s no set formula for success. Blind dates notwithstanding, the question on the mind of both parties is usually, “I know I’m attracted to this person, and we may have a few things in common…but are we compatible?” This question, along with a multitude of others, can often lead to awkwardness…a first-date killer. Potential daters need not fear, however, as there is an antidote to this problem. One of the biggest factors when figuring the success of a first date is confidence, something that comes from within. Unless you’re a model or self-help guru, though, you may not have reached the level of self-confidence you aspire to have…so you look for outside sources. We know what this means…for the guys, a fresh haircut and expensive cologne, and for the ladies, well-applied make-up and tasteful jewelry. And clothing…comfortable, stylish clothing. While some people, particularly women, might not describe the dressier side of their wardrobe as “comfortable,” it’s definitely important to wear something you can at least move around in. No one wants to be dancing with a partner and have their heel break or their dress rip, least of all me. Another thing to be mindful of is the exclusivity of your outfit…with so many trends circulating among the Hollywood elite and us common folk alike, it’s good to try and go for stand-out ensembles that won’t make your date think s/he’s seeing double when you pass people on the street.Hot, exclusive styles are key when planning that perfect date outfit…and one of the best ways to get said outfits is by shopping online (I like to browse around on sites like eModa. com)…you have a much smaller chance of seeing your digs on a passerby, believe me. Once you combine that hot dress or blazer with the exotic smell-goods and accessories, you’re good to go. Until, that is, it’s time to make conversation… "

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