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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pahk The Cah By Tha Bah


Wow, did the Phillies bullpen look suspect to anyone else last nite? Tom Gordon and Ryan Madsen are bums. So we bring you Charita today. I usually don't like anything good to say about Boston. Charita comes from Newport, Rhode Island, but was transplanted into lovely Philadelphia. I think it was a plan to make the city hotter. I'm gonna go nurse this opening day hangover and hopefully the Sills will do a little better tonite.....Charita, tell em what your working with.

well i was born and raised in newport rhode island. i like to sing, dance and travel, in my spare time i read books. what makes me unique is im not like the other girls out there, i dont have to wear make-up this is natural beauty, i dont have to show off my body just to get a guys attention. when i go out i go to the red sea bar, or you can find me on 69th street and the malls.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's you absolute best piece of dating advice?

A: my advice to a single man would be don't rush to be in a relationship because it only brings heartache and pain.