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Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Got Legs! She Knows How To Use Them

Nicole Notorious

Nicole really, really likes taking pictures of herself in the mirror. And I really, really like looking at pictures of her in the mirror. So it's an even trade. This hottie comes to us from Upper Darby, where she works at a banquet hall and as a part time lifeguard. This hottie is a little Kim Kardashian (minus the fat ass) and a little "that chick from the pussycat dolls" mixed together. Check out the legs on Nicole. She's also an artist, and a lot of her artwork focuses on pirates and the mafia. Translation.....don't eff with her. She probably knows of a little lake, somewhere in the mountains where no one will hear from you again, got it kid?. To keep that body in kickin' your ass shape, Notorious goes to kickboxing classes 3-4 times a week. I can see her now in her short short and tight shirts...kickin ass and takin names. Nicole loves fashion, "from intricate makeup application down to the stylish stilettos". She really can do a lot with makeup, as you can tell here. She can carry a lot of different looks and styles, which is perfect, cause it's like having 6 different girlfriends. I'm really a fan of this brunette. Apparently she's got legs? Long, gorgeous, could wrap around you twice legs. Overall Nicole is tall, slender, and has eyes that can, and will, kill. Take the advice, your life just might depend on it.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice for the single guys in Philly?

A: My best piece of dating advice is GIVE THE GIRL SOME ROOM. If there's anything I can't stand more, is a guy who's constantly CLINGING to my side. This can run in many different ways, from the literal hanging all over me in public, to being overly possessive in general. I love the feeling a guy can offer of security, but not so much that I can't feel the room to breathe a little when I'm with my guy friends. Guys who seem confident in their relationships,I find, seem to be more yearned for from women. If you can demonstrate that you are confident and assured in your relationship with a woman, and allow her to be around other people (without you becoming jealous (at least not to her face directly)), she will appreciate that you're giving her room to socialize, without being smothered by you. Just relax and make sure she knows that you care about her and that you want her to be comfortable anywhere that she is.